City History

The history of the establishment of the City of Tasikmalaya as an autonomous region is inseparable from the history of the establishment of Tasikmalaya district as its parent district. Previously, this city was the capital of the Tasikmalaya district, then increased its status to an administrative city in 1976, when A. Bunyamin served as Regent of Tasikmalaya, and later became an independent city government during the Tasikmalaya Regency Government led by the then regent H. Suljana W.H.

The Pearl from East Priangan is the nickname for the city of Tasikmalaya. Tasikmalaya City is one of the cities in West Java Province. The city is located at 108 ° 08â € ² 38â € ³ â € “108 ° 24â € ² 02â € ³ East Longitude and 7 ° 10â € ² â €“ 7 ° 26â € ² 32â € LS in the Southeastern part of West Java Province. This city used to be a district, but along with the development, 2 forms of government were formed, namely the Regency Government and the City Government of Tasikmalaya.

The milestone in the birth of the city of Tasikmalaya, began to be rolled out when Tasikmalaya Regency was led by A. Bunyamin, the Regent of Tasikmalaya for the period 1976 - 1981. At that time through Government Regulation No. 22 of 1976 the Administrative City of Tasikmalaya was inaugurated by the Minister of Home Affairs who at that time it was H. Amir Machmud. The first Administrative Mayor is Drs. H. Oman Roosman, who was inaugurated by the Governor of West Java, H. Aang Kunaefi.

At the beginning of its formation, the administrative city of Tasikmalaya covered 3 districts, namely Cipedes, Cihideung and Tawang, with 13 villages. Then in 2001, the Tasikmalaya Regent, Kol. Inf. H. SuIjana Wirata Hadisubrata (1996 - 2001), by forming a Success Team for the Establishment of the City Government of Tasikmalaya, chaired by H. Yeng Ds. Partawinata SH. Through a long process, finally under the leadership of the Regent, Drs. Tatang Farhanul Hakim, on October 17 2001 through Law Number 10 Year 2001, the formation of the Tasikmalaya City government as an autonomous regional government was established by the Minister of Home Affairs on behalf of the President of the Republic of Indonesia in Jakarta together with the cities of Lhoksumawe, Langsa, Padangsidempuan, Prabumulih, Lubuk Linggau, Pager Alam, Tanjung Pinang, Cimahi, Batu, Sikawang and Bau-bau. Furthermore, on October 18 2001 the inauguration of Drs. H. Wahyu Suradiharja as Acting Mayor of Tasikmalaya by the Governor of West Java was held at Gedung Sate Bandung.

Through Decree No. 133 of 2001, December 13, 2001, the General Election Commission formed the Committee for Filling in the Membership of the Tasikmalaya City People's Representative Council (PPK-DPRD), then the appointment of members of the Tasikmalaya City DPRD was ratified by the West Java Governor Decree, No. 171 / Kep.380 / Dekon / 2002, dated April 26, 2002, and on April 30, 2002 the membership of the first Tasikmalaya City DPRD was inaugurated. Then on November 14, 2002, Drs. H. Bubun Bunyamin was appointed Mayor of Tasikmalaya, as a result of the electoral process stages carried out by the legislature.

According to Law No. 10 of 2001 that the City of Tasikmalaya consists of 8 Districts with 15 Kelurahan and 54 Villages, but on the way through Perda No. 30 of 2003 regarding the change in the status of Desan to Kelurahan, the villages within the Government of the City of Tasikmalaya changed their status to Kelurahan, therefore the number of kelurahan has become 69 sub-districts, while the eight sub-districts include: Tawang District, Cihideung District, Cipedes District, Indihiang District, Kawalu District Cibeureum District, Mangkubumi District, Tamansari District.